Arctic Driving is based in Åre in Jämtland, Sweden, where we operate throughout the year. Åre Ice Track is located in the middle of the lake of Åre within walking distance from the center. The location is optimal to visualize events. In cases when the weather conditions are bad for ice driving, we drive at Molanda Raceway and we also offer 4WD driving on the mountain.

Besides Åre, we can also arrange courses and events in Kiruna, Arvidsjaur and Orsa.

Travel to Åre

If you travel by air, you can either choose to go to Åre-Östersund or Trondheim/Vaernes airport, where the bus picks you up and continue to Åre. If you go by car, you follow the road E14 towards/from Trondheim or why not take the train which stops in Åre City?