What began for us as a filler between our driving courses on bare ground over the years has grown into what many of our guests describe as the ultimate driving experience in combination with a fantastic nature. There we realized when two of our first guests refused to go home and they are now happily we approach autumn and variations on assignment in winter frozen environment seems to be endless!

No Arctic Driving is different and that the temperature over the years has varied between plus five to minus 40 has meant that we have gathered lots of experience in how to arrange a set-up so that everyone, regardless of background can bring an unforgettable memory home.


There are people who thought it would be cool to swim in the ice hole, it was the asphalt under the ice while others may tell how they experienced the silence for the first time.
In the guestbook, we have collected such Europeans, Asians, girl gang, company, manufacturers of aftermarket and TV crews, in short, all the people who built our experience.


We give you access to the best conditions in terms of equipment, whether it’s driving in powder snow on lake ice planes or to test the recently developed technique for winter driving and accessibility. We offer you all the options regarding the wheels that drive the car

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