What for us started as a complement to our driving courses on dry land has through the years become what plenty of our guests describes as the ultimate driving experience in a spectacular environment. Every Arctic Driving is unique and the fact that the temperature has vary between plus 5 and minus 40 degrees, has resulted in big knowledge concerning how to arrange courses and events in winter environment on extreme surfaces.

There has been guests who thought it would be cold to swim in an ice-hole, that there was asphalt under the ice, while others can tell us about how they have experienced the silence for the first time. In the guestbook, we have collected for instance Europeans, Asians, companies, aftermarket manufactures and TV-teams – in short all the guests who have contributed to our experience.

We will always give you the best conditions in terms of equipment, regardless it is in the matter of driving in powder snow, on flat ice or to test the recently developed technique for winter driving and accessibility. We offer all options regarding which wheels that drives the car. After finishing an Arctic Driving, we can promise that all our guests, regardless of background and previous experiences, will bring an unforgettable memory home!

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